Galago - desktop presence framework

libgalago File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
galago-account.h [code]Galago Account API
galago-assert.h [code]Assertion API
galago-avatar.h [code]Galago Avatar API
galago-context-base.h [code]Galago Context Base Support
galago-context-priv.h [code]Galago Context Private API
galago-context.h [code]Galago Context API
galago-core.h [code]Galago Context API
galago-dbus-compat.h [code]Private D-BUS Compatibility API
galago-dbus.h [code]D-BUS Support API
galago-hashtable.h [code]Hash Table API
galago-image.h [code]Galago Image API
galago-list.h [code]List API
galago-log.h [code]Log API
galago-marshal.h [code]Galago Marshallers
galago-object-utils.h [code]Galago Object Utility API
galago-object.h [code]Galago Object API
galago-person.h [code]Galago Person API
galago-photo.h [code]Galago Photo API
galago-presence.h [code]Galago Presence API
galago-service.h [code]Galago Service API
galago-signals.h [code]Galago Signals API
galago-status.h [code]Galago Status API
galago-types.h [code]Basic data types
galago-utils-priv.h [code]Private utility functions
galago-utils.h [code]Utility functions
galago-value.h [code]Value wrapper API
galago.h [code]Main Galago include file