Galago - desktop presence framework

libgalago Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_GalagoAccountAn account on a service
_GalagoAccountClassAn account's class
_GalagoAvatarAn avatar for a user
_GalagoAvatarClassGalagoAvatar's class
_GalagoImageClassGalagoImage's class
_GalagoListAn node in a linked list
_GalagoObjectAn object
_GalagoObjectClassA class
_GalagoObjectClassInfoClass information
_GalagoPersonA person, which may have multiple accounts
_GalagoPersonClassGalagoPerson's class
_GalagoPhotoAn photo for a user
_GalagoPhotoClassGalagoPhoto's class
_GalagoPresenceA presence
_GalagoServiceA service capable of having accounts and presences
_GalagoServiceClassA service's class
_GalagoStatusA status in a presence
_GalagoStatusClassGalagoStatus's class